Your tools to stay mentally strong during COVID-19 and beyond

Self-care and coping skills are critical to your mental health and wellbeing. To empower members, Priority Health has partnered with a digital health specialist to offer ongoing free access to mental wellness resources. As of July 1, 2020, you have access to all 13 topic areas, some specifically focused on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s easy to set up your myStrength account by answering a few simple, confidential questions. Then create your own personalized plan for emotional support during these challenging times. Use online tools to create goals and habits, improve sleep and track health. There’s also a section for inspiration.

The combination of reads and videos includes:

  • Strategies to manage heightened stress
  • Tips for parenting during challenging times
  • Ideas to manage social isolation
  • Simple ways to practice mindfulness
example of activities in myStrength

Priority Health is here to connect you with the resources and support you need during these uncertain times. Take advantage of this free virtual tool and help restore your mental strength during this pandemic.

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