Our approach is based on value and made for savings.

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We invest in an integrated model, then deliver on it.

Streamlining services into one, integrated model delivers a holistic view of care. It also creates sizeable savings through less overhead, more connectivity and better outcomes. We integrate all of our services, from clinical management to pharmacy, putting every touchpoint of care under one roof. Every service works together efficiently and effectively, helping you:

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Streamline your administration

  • Work with a single, dedicated client services team that's right in your backyard.
  • Get a holistic view of your health plan, financial utilization and enrollment information.
  • Implement plans and programs quickly and effectively.
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Simplify your employee experience

  • Offer benefits with one care team, one ID card and one mobile app.
  • Provide holistic care delivery and support—from care management to customer service.
  • Ensure health transparency and continuous engagement with every aspect of their plan.

Our network speaks volumes—both by the number of providers it includes and the frequency by which it's accessed.

We nurture a strong network across the state including 97% of Michigan primary care doctors to offer value through robust discounts and unparalleled access1. Between the size of our network and the depth of our services like virtual care, your employees can unlock benefits they want at a price you can afford.

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    Employees have access to over 1 million providers nationwide through our Cigna partnership.2

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    Highest quality care for your workforce with our value-based care programs.

We're winning the fight to keep pharmacy costs lower. No really.

We beat national benchmarks in Rx costs by 30%3 to create perfect "pharmony" with your employees and your budget. We're seeing a lower cost trend by integrating our pharmacy and medical benefits and continuously improving our formulary to ensure employees get the drugs and treatments they need at prices we can all afford.

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    A formulary crafted with both quality and cost in mind, our competitors have tried to copy, but we still outperform Michigan plans by 12%3 year after year.

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    We work to better understand the complex pharmaceuticals industry, so we can deliver innovative programs that optimize savings and simplify experience.

Our medical management model puts us at the top of our class—and the top of our game.

When you weigh the costs of chronic condition treatment alone, there's a clear need to get and keep your employees as healthy as possible. Our approach is as focused and data driven as it is unique to the industry, addressing the most expensive areas of health care.

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    60% of targeted members engage with our care managers, exceeding national benchmarks.

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    Up to 89% readmission avoidance through our transitions of care program.

Optimize your benefits program to fit the needs of your workforce and your budget