Funding request

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Priority Health. Our budget cycle is a calendar year. We ask that funding requests be submitted through our online form by October 31 the year prior to when funds are needed. (Example: funding request submitted October 31, 2023 would be considered for an event/program taking place in 2024.) If you did not submit your funding request before the deadline you may still submit a request for consideration.

Due to the high community need and the significant volume of requests, form submissions meeting guidelines and deadlines do not always guarantee funding.

We ask that all proposals be submitted through the online form with as much information as possible. We carefully review each of these requests on a monthly basis. Please submit your request with at least 90 days of lead time.

We look forward to reviewing your request.

Priority Health Community Relations

See guidelines we use for community partnership & sponsorship

  • When reviewing funding requests, our team is committed to addressing the social determinants of health with an emphasis in maternal and infant health, behavioral health, and healthy activity to reduce chronic illness (Meeting criteria does not guarantee funding.)
  • Requests received must support organizations that reside in Michigan and support communities across the state of Michigan.
  • Opportunity for Priority Health staff or member engagement/volunteerism
  • 501(c)(3) registered organizations
  • Unique partnerships and branding opportunities

See a list of what we generally do not fund

  • Political causes or candidates
  • Religious or fraternal groups
  • Individual or team fundraising
  • Community sports teams
  • Family or individual emergency relief
  • Endowments capital campaigns
  • Programs outside of Michigan
  • Employee social gatherings