Join our networks

If you're a Michigan provider interested in joining our network, see our service area maps and follow the steps outlined below. It can take up to 80 calendar days for us to process your enrollment request.

Step 1: Confirm your process

Your process for becoming an in-network provider with us depends on your specialty and whether you're affiliated with an organization with an active Priority Health contract.

Before applying online, we recommend you review:

Step 2: Register with CAQH® (if you haven't already)

Before you can apply to become an in-network provider, you must first be registered with Council for Affordable Healthcare (CAQH) Proview and make sure your information is up to date there.

You can: 

Step 3: Apply online

Once you are registered with CAQH Proview™ and determined you require an application to join our network:

  1. Register for prism, our online provider tool, or log into your existing account.
  2. Click on Enrollments & Changes and select the appropriate enrollment type.
    Learn more about how to complete the application.
    If you're a behavioral health provider, see our behavioral health provider participation instructions.
  3. Complete all fields and click Submit.

After you submit your application, you'll receive an inquiry number and can check the status of your application and submit questions through your prism account.

When you complete our online application, you consent to release your CAQH information to us.

Step 4: Wait until you receive your network effective date

Once you submit your application, we’re working hard behind the scenes to get you set up and ready to see our members. Once we’ve completed everything on our end (see below for an overview of our process), we’ll send you a message in prism with your network effective date. Until then, you shouldn’t see Priority Health members seeking in-network care from Priority Health providers.

Our process, once we receive your application

  1. Contracting: Every provider must be under contract with us before they can be in our network. Learn more about provider contracts and agreements.
  2. Credentialing: We ensure providers meet our criteria to be approved as in-network by verifying licensure, malpractice coverage or claims, education and specialty training. Learn more about provider credentialing.
  3. Enrollment: Once credentialed, we enroll providers in our systems.
  4. Reimbursement: We configure each provider's reimbursement structure based on their contract.

Step 5: Visit and bookmark our provider onboarding page

Congratulations on officially becoming part of the Priority Health network. We know there can be a lot to learn, so we've created a provider onboarding page to put the most useful resources in one central location. On the provider onboarding page, you can learn everything you need to know about submitting claims, filing authorizations, using Priority Health's most important digital tools, staying in the loop on the latest Priority Health updates, getting your questions answered and much more.

Be sure to bookmark the onboarding page so you can quickly return to it as needed. Share the link with everyone else in your organization, too.