How to join Priority Health networks

If you are a Michigan provider interested in joining our network, see our service area maps and follow the steps outlined below. 

1. Review the credentialing criteria for your provider type/specialty.

Make sure you need to be credentialed to participate with us.

2. Participate with CAQH.

All providers requiring credentialing must first register with the Council for Affordable Healthcare (CAQH) Proview™ website and ensure that the information is up to date. If you are not yet registered:

Register now

Or, call CAQH® at 888.599.1771 to register.

3. Send us a Provider information form.

Once you are registered with CAQH® Proview™, complete and return a Provider information form UNLESS you are employed by an organization that will make the request for you. These include:

If any of these apply to you, go to the organization credentialing process.

If you are a behavioral health provider, go to Behavioral health provider participation instructions.

4. Complete the credentialing and contracting process.

Until all steps are completed, you should not see Priority Health members who are seeking in-network care from Priority Health providers.

Enrollment can take 8-12 weeks once we receive your contract and credentialing documents. Learn more about the credentialing process.

Once you are credentialed and your contracts have been executed, we’ll send you a notice welcoming you to the Priority Health network. This email will include your network effective date.

This form gives your consent for the release of your CAQH® information to Priority Health. It also allows us to initiate and complete your credentialing.

Once we receive your completed Provider information form, Priority Health assigns your request to a contract administrator. Your contract administrator will contact you directly to determine your contract needs, give you the right documents to complete, and explain the contracting process.