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Your personalized plan information anywhere, anytime

With the Priority Health member app

Managing your health insurance is easier than ever with Priority Health. With the Priority Health app, you can quickly and easily track your spending balances, search your claims, find in-network doctors, and more. Sign up and download our app to view your personalized information anytime, anywhere-all in one place.

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Get more from your health plan

Sign up for a Priority Health member account to access tools and resources that help you save money and keep you healthy.

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Get rewarded for managing
your health

Get rewards for staying healthy by participating in wellness programs and health assessments

Wellbeing Hub


Know the cost of care before
you get it

Compare costs of procedures, services, and prescriptions based on your plan

Cost Estimator


Mental health support

You have access to Teladoc Health Mental Health, a tool to help with stress, depression, sleep and more

Teladoc Health Mental Health

Understanding your plan

Preventing falls

The risk of falling increases as we age, and at Priority Health we aim to help our members with fall prevention and with recovery after a fall. Each of our Medicare Advantage plans includes access to benefits to support members and prevent falls from happening.

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