About us

The smart choice in health insurance

At Priority Health, we know you want to be a savvy insurance buyer. To do that, you need affordable coverage that gives you the most for your money. The problem is—health insurance is complex and expensive, which can make you feel overwhelmed. We believe health insurance should be easier.

We understand you want satisfaction in choosing a health plan, which is why we keep more than 90 percent of our members year after year.

Here’s how we do it. We partner with over one million providers nationwide, including most primary care doctors and hospitals in Michigan. We offer a variety of affordable plans to fit your needs. And we have tools to help control your out-of-pocket spending.

Why choose us?

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    Our network includes most primary care doctors and hospitals in Michigan, so our members can get the care they need, where they want.

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    Our Cost Estimator has saved more than $9 million in health care costs.

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    Our members have 24/7 access to virtual care for as little as $0, and preventive care at no extra cost.

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    As a nonprofit health plan, we spend 88 cents of every dollar on our members’ care.

Shop our plans today—so you can stop wasting your health care dollars and instead, make the smart choice.