Call us for help

At Priority Health, our trained call center specialists talk to our members confidentially, assess their immediate needs and review their benefit options.

Those benefits may include:

  • An inpatient detox program: They'll be transferred to our clinical staff who will work quickly to get them immediate help.
  • A short-term, intensive residential treatment program: We’ll connect them with one in Michigan that is listed as a benefit in their plan and help them determine how long they can stay.
  • Outpatient behavioral health therapy and medical management: We’ll help them find resources and navigate their way through the system.

Members dealing with health risks like chronic pain may contact one of our care managers for help at 800.998.1037.

At Priority Health, we practice evidence-based care to get at the heart of the problems our members are facing in order to help them achieve better health outcomes and live a healthier life. We strive every day to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place, and at a cost people can afford.