Make things easier on yourself - our online tools will help you find member information, answer claims questions quickly and more. Just register your personal online account.

Why individual accounts?

Every staff member should have a separate online account with a unique username and password, so if that staff member leaves it's easy to shut down her access to member and claims information without disrupting anyone else's access.

It takes a couple of days

It usually takes two business days for us to verify your access and load your account information into our system. Please be patient!

What you get once you have an account

Provider news

Get authorization, billing and coverage updates when you log in. And, once each quarter, we'll also email you a newsletter with links to all news we've published for providers in the last three months. Then it's easy for you to see what's important and share with your office.

All provider accounts include:

  • Member Inquiry - Shows our members' eligibility, contract history, plan type, deductible balances and more
  • Claims Inquiry - Shows the status of your claims with us, including Member Inquiry and Claims access. You'll also receive our Physician and practice news, and training webinar and event invitations.
  • Mailbox - For emailing us securely, protecting patient PHI in messages and records that can't be sent by regular email

Participating providers can also use:

  • Auth Request - Get authorization for most services online. Many can be approved immediately. Depending on the service you're requesting, our tool will take you to eviCore healthcare or to Clear Coverage™ for review.
  • Auth Inquiry - Shows you the status of your authorization requests
  • Edits Checker - Enter claim data in this tool to see how the claim will process before you submit it to us
  • Filemart - Lets you exchange electronic files with us, such as your remittance advices and patient lists
  • Rx Inquiry - Look up the prescription history of your Priority Health patients
  • Patient Profile - See care opportunities for your patients, like mammograms or A1C tests due

To register your account

Participating providers, be sure to enter this information exactly as it appears in our records/on our Remittance Advice:

  • Your office name
  • Tax ID number
  • Vendor number

Register now