Behavioral health provider participation

If you would like to participate with Priority Health, here are our current availabilities.

Closed to:

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Counselors
  • Practitioners establishing their own practice or joining a practice whose current practitioners are individually contracted with Priority Health.

Open to:

  • Psychiatry and Addictionology (MD/DO)
  • Psychiatric Advanced Practice Providers (CNS, NP, PA): These providers are not separately credentialed but may provide office-based services to Priority Health members if working in a psychiatry practice participating with Priority Health and billed under the supervising/collaborating psychiatrist.

Practice group participation

Accreditation is required: To participate under a group agreement, practice groups must be accredited by an acceptable accreditation body, e.g., The Joint Commission, CARF or COA.

Licensed practitioners (except MDs/DOs) joining a group that participates with Priority Health and is accredited as noted above will be included in the Priority Health network and are not required to complete the credentialing process individually.

The network is closed to practitioners who leave a group currently participating with Priority Health under a group agreement to establish or join another practice, unless the practice the practitioner is joining also has a current group participation agreement with Priority Health.

Requests for exception to closed network or for future participation

To be considered for participation in a closed behavioral health network, or in the event a need arises for additional providers in your specialty and/or geographic area:

  1. Complete the Credentialing Supplemental Form.
  2. Create an email to: using your practitioner or group name in the subject line.
  3. Explain any additional information and special circumstances that you wish Priority Health to consider when reviewing your request.
  4. Attach your Credentialing Supplemental Form and send.

We will contact you only if we determine to make an exception or a need arises for your specialty. Due to the number of applicants, we apologize that we are unable to reply to emails or phone calls related to these closed networks.