Credentialing and provider change requests & appeals performance status

We are transparent to help you work with us and make your job as easy as possible; because together we can provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price for the members we serve.

For updates on our service levels, provider change requests, and our clinical/medical decision appeals see the status updates below:

Customer service status
Average wait time TBD
Last updated: 02/15/2019


Credentialing status *Processing requests received on lists dates
New providers 01/09/2019*
New behavioral providers 12/18/2018*
Provider changes 01/24/2018*
Last updated: 02/15/2019


Appeals status *Processing requests received on lists dates
Appeals 02/06/2018*
Completed requests through 01/02/2018*
Last updated: 02/15/2019