Virtual Office Advisory (VOA) webinars

Spend your lunch hour with us in these educational webinars, which we produce several times a year to connect you with Priority Health experts and help your practice maximize its effectiveness.

We send invitations via email to any provider who checked the Manager/Supervisor or Administrator roles in their account profile. You can add or delete roles if you go to your account profile, click Online account information, and then scroll to the Roles section.

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Agendas are posted 3 weeks prior to each session.

  • Feb. 11
  • Apr. 22
  • Jun. 10
  • Aug. 12
  • Oct. 14
  • Dec. 9

Watch recordings of past VOA webinars

October 2021 (60 min.)

  • New products and product updates for 2022, including D-SNP plans, commercial products and Medicare products
  • 2022 PCP Incentive Program (PIP) manual and updates
  • Tips to help close gaps in care this fall
  • Latest updates for prism

August 2021 (45 min.)

  • Prism, your new provider account coming this September
  • Your patients, our members, one Five-Star quality experience
  • Changes to our musculoskeletal authorization coming Jan. 1, 2022
  • THC providers can now register for Priority Health onboarding
  • GuidingCare enhancements coming Aug. 23, 2021
  • Congratulating our 2020 Quality Award winners

June 2021 (30 min.)

  • July formulary changes
  • New provider information form submission process
  • Updated secure mail options to help you get your questions answered quickly
  • New tool to help you support patients in finding community resources
  • New tools for your patients - Priority Health Connect

April 2021 (45 min.)

  • New provider portal coming soon
  • Integration with Total Health Care
  • Reminder: Deadline to join a PO for 2022 PIP participation approaching
  • Most common causes for billing denials and tips to avoid denials
  • Benefits of our new APM Roster app for PIP participating providers

February 2021 (45 min.)

  • Updates to the provider information form used to request demographic changes and more
  • Coming soon: Automation for provider information submissions
  • COVID-19 vaccine reimbursement information
  • 2021 PCP Incentive Program (PIP) updates

December 2020 (31 min.)

  • How to credential nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • 2021 E/M billing changes
  • How to review a claim using our claims inquiry tool
  • Supporting you and your patients during COVID-19 in 2021

November 2020 (54 min.)

  • January formulary updates
  • Behavioral health platform: MyStrength
  • The importance of lead screening
  • Learn about Priority Health and Cigna Strategic Alliance and serving Cigna members in Michigan
  • Top causes for billing denials and tips to avoid

October 2020 (1hr. 8 min.)

  • New products and product changes for 2021, including, updates for our DSNP plans, commercial product updates and Medicare product updates. 
  • 2021 PIP manual and updates

September 2020 (25 min.)

  • The launch of a new authorization tool for inpatient, select procedures, behavioral health, SNFs and home care
  • How to add providers to PO/PHO contracts
  • New electronic pharmacy auth tool available: ePA Pharmacy
  • Tips and tricks for billing Medicare therapy caps

July 2020 (27 min.)

  • Medicare 5-Star challenge and how to achieve 5-star quality
  • Our new authorization tool, coming soon for inpatient, select procedures, behavioral health, SNFs and home care
  • Tips for coding and billing COVID-19 care

May 2020 (36 min.)

  • July 1 commercial formulary updates
  • PCP Incentive Program: 2019 and 2020 program updates
  • COVID-19: Supporting you and providing the latest information

March 2020 (25 min.)

  • How to use the secure email box to compose messages
  • Step-by-step guide through the new appeals process
  • Medicaid programs explained 

January 2020 (25 min.)

  • Upcoming commercial and individual benefit changes for outpatient therapy to prevent post-partum depression
  • Billing for maternity care
  • Tips for billing preventive services

December 2019 (18 min.)

  • Standard practices for billing bilateral diagnoses
  • Appropriate modifiers to use for Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes
  • Updates to our provider secure email system and our claims inquiry tool
  • Provider information form updates: What’s changed and why you should use the updated form

November 2019 (27 min.)

  • January 2020 formulary changes
  • Fee schedule updates for hand surgery
  • Coming soon: View front-end rejections on the provider portal

October 2019 (38 min.)

  • Medicare Advantage plan updates
  • Commercial plan updates
  • New: PriorityMedicare D-SNP plan
  • 2020 individual product updates

September 2019 (56 min.)

  • January 2020 formulary changes
  • New 2020 Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Healthy Behavior requirements for Healthy Michigan Plan members
  • AHA visits and what you need to do before the year’s end
  • Tips and tricks for PIP program success 

August 2019 (34 min.)

  • How to term and add providers to your practice using the provider information form
  • Updating your information on the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) provider data base
  • The most common causes for billing denials
  • Common clinical edits and how you can submit an appeal for review

July 2019 (32 min.)

  • Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) requirements and enrollment
  • Key gaps in care
  • The Medicare 5-Star challenge and how to achieve 5-Star quality
  • Our annual provider survey
  • What you need to know about in our recent news highlights

June 2019 (28 min.)

  • How to get your questions answered quickly at Priority Health
  • The most common causes for billing denials and tips to avoid denials
  • Common code edits and how you can submit an appeal for review

May 2019 (21 min.)

  • Formulary changes coming July 1
  • Patient eligibility for our Medicaid member diaper incentive program
  • New Medicaid Tobacco Cessation outreach and Quitline initiatives

March 2019 (45 min.)

  • Coding requirements
  • Life cycle of a question at Priority Health
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Medicaid third party liability
  • Medicare STAR rating and CAHPS
  • HOS surveys

February 2019 (60 min.)

  • New member discharge policy
  • Reimbursement of payable drugs and biological agents require modifier
  • New online provider portal manual layout

December 2018 (60 min.)

  • Risk adjustment encounter data
  • PIP 2019 program
  • Thyroidectomy medical policy change
  • Orientation to the Priority Health website

November 2018 (55 min.)

  • Clinical updates
  • Colorectal cancer screening tests
  • Blood pressure best practices
  • Medicare authorizations and organization determinations
  • New product offerings

October 2018 (55 min.)

  • Formulary changes
  • Home Health upcoming changes 
  • Chiropractic changes

August 2018 (41 min.)

  • In-home health assessments
  • eviCore authorizations relaunch
  • Provider directory requirements

June 2018 (50 min.)

  • Overview of Clear Coverage®
  • eviCore update
  • Comprehensive authorizations Q&A

April 2018 (43 min.)

  • Pharmacy and formulary changes coming July 2018
  • Clear Coverage™ prior authorization tool overview

February 2018 (40 min.)

  • Risk adjustment impact for providers
  • Priority Health Academy events
  • Care management and incentive programs

January 2018 (33 min.)

  • Top 5 reasons for inquiries to Provider Services
  • Fee schedules - where to find them and how to interpret them
  • Payment take backs and reconciliations
  • New provider relations education staff
  • Call center scope change

December 2017 (38 min.)

  • 2018 product changes
  • 2018 PCP Incentive Program changes

October 2017

  • Medicare 2018 plans & changes
  • NCD/LCD edits
  • Medicare billing and reimbursement
  • Qualified member beneficiaries
  • Part D outreach

September 2017

  • An introduction to the new Provider Center
  • Medicaid maternity resources

August 2017

  • Inpatient authorization automation with Clear Coverage™

July 2017

  • Billing and reimbursement Provider Manual overview
  • Provider Center tools
  • Top 5 reasons for inquiries

July 2017

  • Introducing the Priority Health opioid utilization management strategy

June 2017

  • Risk adjustment
  • CPC+
  • eviCore healthcare authorizations
  • Medicare Part D updates

March 2017

  • CPC+ incentive program
  • Diagnosis coding
  • Healthy Michigan Plan HRA
  • Clear Coverage™ prior authorizations

February 2017

  • Medicaid updates

January 2017

  • Clear Coverage™ prior authorizations
  • CPC+ update
  • SIM update
  • Medicare MOON