Introducing VOA Modules and new 2024 live VOA dates

We have two announcements regarding our Virtual Office Advisory (VOA) webinars:

  1. We’re launching a new educational series called VOA Modules, consisting of short videos available on-demand in our online provider manual.
  2. We’ve scheduled additional live VOAs for the remainder of 2024, each focused on a single major topic of timely relevance.

Why are we changing the format of VOAs?

You’ve requested more targeted content for our VOAs. We’ve heard you, and we’re now offering VOA Modules and more focused live VOAs in response. Both provide precision-targeted content, so you can watch what you need without having to sit through what you don’t.

For example: rather than behavioral health providers sitting through an hour-long VOA to hear 10 minutes of content relevant to them, they can now simply go to the behavioral health category on our VOA Modules page and immediately access the content they need. Likewise, providers who need to learn about our PIP program updates can simply register for the live VOA focused solely on that, rather than waiting until the end of a multi-topic VOA.

What exactly are VOA Modules?

VOA Modules are short, on-demand versions of our VOAs. They're focused on single topics and are usually five minutes or less. They're always presented by Priority Health subject matter experts, and they’re accessed via our VOA Modules page.

What kind of content do VOA Modules cover?

You’ll find helpful tips and guides on how to work with us, with topic categories including:

  • Billing and coding
  • Authorizations
  • Appeals
  • Behavioral health
  • prism
  • Plans
  • Disease burden management
  • General

Each category has a “playlist” of Modules on topics in that category, so you can easily browse content relevant to your work.

How often are new VOA Modules added?

We’re hoping to begin at a pace of about three per month.

How will providers know about new Modules?

The VOA Modules page includes a playlist of new Modules at the top, so you can quickly see all recently posted videos. Be sure to bookmark the page so you can check back frequently.

To actively notify you, we'll send a prism notification every time new Modules drop. We'll also send out a monthly VOA roundup via PriorityActions and our provider news page to tell you about all recently posted Modules and any upcoming live VOAs.

Will all VOA features work with Modules?

Yes—although they will function differently:

  • You can access links to resources via “cards” that pop up at appropriate points in the Module. (If you can’t see them, try going into full-screen viewing mode.)
  • A card at the end of each Module will link you to a VOA Module survey, where you can provide feedback and future topic requests.
  • At the end of all new Modules, you’ll have the option to fill out a form with any related questions you might have. We’ll respond via email.

An intro video at the top of the VOA Modules page walks you through these features.

What will live VOAs look like going forward?

For live VOAs, we're moving away from the bundled multi-topic format to single topics. Live VOAs will mainly only be used to cover topics of timely relevance, such as product and formulary changes coming on January 1st of each year.

What’s the schedule for live VOAs for the rest of 2024?

Here’s what we have on the calendar:

You’ll be sent separate invites for each of these events.

Note that we may schedule additional VOAs, as needed.

Where can I find all this if I forget?

All this can be found on the VOA page in our provider manual, which also includes a link to our VOA Modules page.