Reminder to complete D-SNP MOC training by Dec. 31, 2023

Who needs to complete training?
All providers who are part of the Priority Health Medicare Advantage network need to complete training. This includes specialists, ancillary providers, or anyone part of an ICT (interdisciplinary care team) for a D-SNP member. This is a CMS requirement.

How do providers complete the training?
Providers can complete our training using one of two options: 

Option #1: Bulk attestations
You can group our D-SNP MOC training with existing, required training (like compliance training) so you can submit attestation for providers at the same time. If this option is selected, you’ll need to:

1. Distribute training to your providers using this link.

2. To attest to training, you must fill out the roster template with providers who’ve received training. If you choose to submit a provider roster, only the Priority Health MOC roster Excel sheet provided will be accepted.

3. Send attestation rosters to

Option #2: Virtual training (only takes 15 minutes)
Training is available as an on-demand webinar and only takes 15 minutes for providers to complete. Provider registration for the on-demand webinar counts as attestation, which means no additional documentation is required.

Access online training here

Be sure to submit the correct provider NPI
Ensure the correct provider NPI number is included when submitting the provider roster or registering for the online training. If the NPI is incorrect, the provider’s status will be marked "incomplete" in our system. To correct an "incomplete" status due to an incorrect NPI, resubmit the provider roster or re-register for the online training with the correct provider NPI.