Action for prism Security Administrators: mandatory annual pSA renewal process begins June 1

Our annual prism Security Administrator (pSA) renewal period begins on June 1. pSAs will have until Aug. 1 to review and either approve or deny all user affiliations for your group or facility.

What exactly is happening?

Each provider group and/or facility needs a pSA to control access to data like claims, authorizations and appeals. pSAs control access by approving or denying affiliation requests. During this annual pSA renewal period, pSAs review affiliation requests they’ve already approved to make sure each user’s access is still needed. 

If a user’s affiliation is renewed by their pSA, nothing will change for that user. If a user’s affiliation is denied, that user will lose access to all of that group or facility’s data.

Important: If users aren’t renewed, they'll automatically be removed from the provider affiliation after Aug. 1. It’s important for pSAs to review all renewals and take action to ensure access isn’t disrupted. 

Why is this important?

Data security is a top priority in the health care industry, now more than ever. The high job turnover rate in the health care industry creates a potential vulnerability in data security. Requiring pSAs to review their affiliated users annually is a simple and quick way to safeguard provider data and protected health information (PHI) by ensuring individuals who leave their organization no longer have access to their data. 

How do I complete the pSA renewal process?

If you're a pSA, follow these steps between June 1 and Aug. 1:

1. In your prism account, select Security Administration, then Affiliation Requests.

2. Navigate to your Affiliations table and select Affiliation Renewals at the far right of the table.

3. Review the users currently affiliated with your provider group/facility and determine if they should be renewed. Once you select the user by checking the box, an Approve or Deny button will appear. Note: you can select multiple users at one time to approve or deny.

4. Confirm your selection.

Unsure if the users are still employed by your organization or need to check with another department before you renew? You can select Download Pending Renewals to get an Excel sheet to share with others. 

If you're not a pSA, you don’t need to do anything.

Will users be notified of the results of the review?

Users will only be notified if their renewal is denied. They’ll be sent an email and given instructions for how to submit a new request for access, in case they feel they’ve been incorrectly denied.

What if my group/facility doesn’t have a pSA?

If your entity doesn’t yet have a pSA, please see our provider manual for a guide to assigning one. Soon, all provider groups and facilities will be required to have a pSA assigned or they will lose prism access. Keep an eye on our news updates for more. We’ll communicate in advance before this mandate goes into effect. 

Don’t know if you have a pSA assigned? 

  1. Go to your prism profile and find your list of affiliations.
  2. Scroll to the far right of the table and select “Show pSA details.” If you don’t have this option, a pSA hasn’t been assigned to this affiliation.
  3. You can contact the pSA assigned to each affiliation to confirm your access will be renewed, but it’s not required. 


Visit the prism resources page in our provider manual, where there are guides, FAQs and help line numbers listed.