identity verification now required for new prism users

Starting Apr. 25, 2024, any prism user registering for a new account will need to have their identity verified by 

Why are we making this change?

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure you and your patients’ data are as secure as possible, we’re implementing additional identity verification for new users who register for prism through 

Who’s impacted?

Only users registering for a prism account for the first time will be impacted. Those who already have prism access will not be impacted. Anyone reactivating their prism account after 120 days of inactivity won’t be required to use for identity verification.

How will this affect the prism registration process?

When registering for prism, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity with by creating a new account or logging into your existing account before you’ll be able to finish prism registration. Use this account creation guide for step-by-step details and helpful screenshots.

Verification can take 2–10 minutes depending on if you already have an account or not. is used by many other government agencies and businesses, such as the IRS, so you may already have an account. 

After verification, you’ll be redirected back to prism to continue adding your provider demographic information. Once submitted, account approval may take up to 48 hours, with additional time for provider affiliation approval from your group’s prism Security Administrator (pSA).   

Will keep provider information safe?

Yes. meets the federal government's most rigorous technical and policy controls for privacy and information security. It encrypts all personal data and is used by hundreds of organizations, including government agencies and commercial organizations, to keep people's personal information safe.  

Why does need my Social Security number?’s verification process requires collecting sensitive pieces of information, like your Social Security number. needs this information to uniquely identify you, a critical step to prevent impersonation and fraud and to protect your practice’s and your patients’ data. 

When you provide your Social Security number as part of’s identity verification process, that information is not shared with Priority Health. 

Do users who live outside the United States need to do anything differently?

Yes. When you reach the “Verify your identity” step of the process, tap the hyperlinked text at the bottom that says, “I don’t live in the United States.” Then follow the on-screen prompts. You’ll be required to provide identification documentation and participate in a video call with a Trusted Referee from for full verification. See this video demo for guidance.

If I already have an account, should I create a new one when registering for prism?

No. Only create an account if you never created an account in the past. Simply sign in to your existing account and follow the prompts. If you need a specific email associated with your account, sign in to your account and add the new email address

If you already have an account and can’t sign in, you will need to recover access to your account. For sign-in troubleshooting tips, visit's help page

More questions?

Check out our FAQ resource for answers.