Medical policy updates for February 2023

The following policy changes were approved by our Medical Advisory Committee and are effective February 2023:

Surgical Treatment of Obesity - #91595

  • Added single-anastomosis duodenoileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy (SADI-S) as a bariatric procedure that is covered when the surgical criteria have been met
  • Added specificity around GERD as a qualifying criterion for corrective revisional bariatric surgery
  • Reduced the severities specified for each of the five associated qualifying comorbidities for 35 ≤ BMI < 40
  • Clarified requirements around supervision of the medical weight management program
  • Clarified what qualifies as active participation and compliance with medical weight management program
  • Specified that height and weight measurements, along with calculation of BMI, must be conducted by a provider.
  • Clarified that the BMI calculated from the height and weight obtained at the initial assessment for bariatric surgery will be used to determine medical necessity, regardless of later weight fluctuation.
  • Clarified that required criteria are based on BMI, not weight

Spinal Cord Column and Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation - #91635

  • This is a new stand-alone policy extracted from our existing Stimulation Therapy and Devices policy (#91468). This won’t impact providers as the content is unchanged.

Blood Pressure Monitors and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring - #91503

  • Removed age restriction for manual and automatic blood pressure monitors with uncontrolled blood pressure to reflect changes made in MDHHS Provider Manual version 10/1/22. Affects Medicaid only.

Durable Medical Equipment - #91110

  • Added clarification that pneumatic compression devices are not medically necessary for lymphedema of the head and neck. Update made to ease administrative review burden and doesn’t represent a coverage change since we defer to InterQual criteria for DME, and head / neck aren’t included in InterQual’s recommendation.

Hearing Augmentation - #91544

  • Commercial: Clarified indication for cochlear implants. No change to the criteria since it goes through InterQual for review. Just clarifying the policy.
  • Medicaid: Updated with MDHHS criteria for cochlear implants as MDHHS expanded coverage.

Orthotics Support Devices - #91339

  • Clarified in the text that MyoPro isn’t covered. Code for MyoPro was already set to not covered. New language clarifies existing position and doesn’t impact coverage.

Stimulation Therapy and Devices - #91468

  • Extracted sections related to spinal cord column and dorsal root ganglion stimulations for a standalone policy (referenced above).

End Stage Renal Disease - #91526

  • Clarified that the use of the EMMI tool is recommended but not required.

Vision Care - #91538

  • Clarified that artificial iris devices for congenital aniridia are considered experimental and investigational and are not a covered benefit.

Breast Related Procedures - #91545

  • Clarified that the use of bioimpedance isn’t medically necessary for lymphedema monitoring as conventional measurement methods remain the standard of care.