Telehealth billing process and policy updates coming March 1

We're updating our telehealth billing process and policy.

Billing for telehealth services

As we continue to evolve our response to COVID-19, we're transitioning back to our normal billing process for telehealth but will continue to reimburse at the higher non-facility rate. Starting March 1, 2021, you can return to submitting your telehealth billing with the correct site of service code (02). Commercial billing no longer requires the GT and 95 modifiers.

Telehealth policy changes

We're also expanding the list of services that are payable when done using telehealth. This change is being made because more providers are offering more telehealth services to ensure patients get the care they need during COVID-19. Our updated list follows recommendations from the American Medical Association, CMS and MDHHS for care that is safe and effective via telehealth.

Not all services are covered when provided by telehealth. The codes we cover are those that are medically appropriate and can be accomplished as described by the code being used. For example, preventive medicine visit (codes 99381-99397) may not be suitable for telehealth because age and gender exam elements required for these services can't be accomplished through telehealth methods. In addition, urgent care is no longer a covered telehealth service.

This policy applies to all product lines, including commercial group, individual, Medicare and Medicaid.