Change Healthcare outage update: Availity clearinghouse now set up, cap and admin payments releasing this week

March 18, 2024

New clearinghouse—Availity—now available to send claims

We have a new clearinghouse available. Availity is now directly connected to Priority Health and sending us claims. Some providers using Availity previously had claims going from Availity to Change Healthcare. Electronic remittance advices (RAs) are not yet available through Availity.

We work with multiple clearinghouses if you choose to switch to get claims sent to us.

Capitation and admin payments releasing this week

If you receive capitation or admin payments, these paper check payments will release Thursday, March 21. These will look different than other checks, and the check number will not match the information in Filemart. The check number that will match the data in Filemart is in the check comments.

We continue to work toward a solution for paper check payments on claims. You can sign up for electronic funds transfer to start the process for electronic payments.

Change Healthcare updates

We’re working with Change Healthcare on the potential for their clearinghouse to be turned back on in the coming weeks. We’re waiting for details on what this will look like, and once available, we’ll reconnect when it’s determined to be secure.

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