2017 Provider experience survey results

Working with you, our physician partners, helps our communities and our members get and stay healthy.

Because we value this partnership and are committed to its mutual success and growth, we conduct an annual survey to measure provider and office staff experience and satisfaction with us. Our goal is to use your feedback to identify strengths and reveal opportunities for improvement.

Overall, 2017 survey results show our performance is highest on the most important key drivers of satisfaction. In particular, Priority Health significantly outperforms other managed care plans for staff responsiveness and effectiveness, as well as for ease of access to our call center.

However, our performance on some important measures is lower than in last year's survey. As a result, we're developing plans in the following areas:  

  • Improving your ability to access patient information, including self-service options 
  • Improving our customer service, credentialing and prior authorization processes
  • Re-evaluating the process we use to implement changes 

We'll be planning and implementing these improvements throughout the coming year and engaging you for feedback before changes are made.

Thank you for your partnership.