Turnaround times for processing your credentialing and enrollment requests now available

To help you work with us quickly and easily, we’re displaying more details about what you can expect when you submit a request to us.

This month, we’re posting turnaround times for processing your credentialing and enrollment requests to the provider manual. See our turnaround times outlined on our credentialing page.

Who do I contact if my request is not completed within the timeframe?

If your request is not completed in our outlined turnaround times, you can email Exceedsprocessingtime@priorityhealth.com. Make sure to reference your inquiry number in your email to us.

We heard you

This effort is the second change we’ve made this year to make our processes more transparent to you.

In April, we communicated how we’re keeping you informed on the statuses of your requests with our updated emails. We recognize each request is unique, and not all workflow steps are required to complete your request. But these emails and visual are meant to help you see our process and what steps you may have left.

Want to learn more about our credentialing process?

Check out our credentialing page for more information.