Recent successes and continued improvement 

We've heard your suggestions and expectations on how we can continue to improve, and are proudly celebrating some recent successes while planning ahead for additional improvements.

We've reduced delays in credentialing and change requests

We're excited to announce that we're now meeting our promise to you to complete requests to credential new providers within 30 days and provider changes within 7 days. We're committed to making additional improvements and giving you even more tools to make requests faster and easier. In 2019, we'll be adding eApply and eStatus tools so you can request changes to your provider information online without having to complete paper forms. Stay tuned for additional information.

eviCore re-launch was a success

We're also excited to share that our September re-launch of eviCore has proven to be a better experience for you. Improvements include more real-time results, easier data entry and much more.

We're celebrating improvements and working on even more

Our annual provider survey results have shown we're on the right track with these enhancements. We'll continue to make improvements to help you work with us faster and easier, and we hope to see even higher satisfaction and ratings from you in next year's annual survey.