In-home patient monitoring pilot starting in December

Starting Dec. 2018, Priority Health will begin a pilot partnership with Critical Signal Technologies (CST) for in-home patient monitoring. CST is a Michigan-based health services company offering remote patient in-home monitoring strategies 24/7, 365 days a year.

How does this impact providers today?

CST is working in coordination with the Priority Health care management team to offer additional services that our care management team cannot offer today. This is not a home or community-based program and will not replace any current services or vendors such as independent home health agencies or Tandem 365.

How does a patient get CST services?

Today, when a provider determines a member needs in-home help or care, the provider's office sends a referral directly to the in-home care agency.  Once the pilot begins, providers can continue to refer patients to in-home care agencies. Patients will be enrolled in CST services by Priority Health care managers only when it is determined that the patient needs additional assistance that they are not receiving elsewhere.

What does CST do?

  • Easy Link: Unlimited psychosocial and non-emergent support. CST can assist with tasks like scheduling physician appointments, medication reconciliation, arranging transportation, and other soft services such as streamlining food delivery.
  • Telemonitoring: Provides remote vital signs monitoring with the ability to streamline reporting to the member's treating physician. (ex: scale and blood pressure cuff for members with congestive heart failure)
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS): Fall detection device (necklace or bracelet) and monitoring with unlimited access to service for any and all emergent and non-emergent needs.