Provider enrollments error occurring in prism

We’ve discovered an error in provider enrollment submissions through prism; fix coming Tuesday


Providers with multiple group affiliations and locations who’ve submitted an individual or group provider enrollment in prism after October 2, will show under the incorrect provider group in prism.

When a user submits an enrollment application under an affiliation other than their default primary group affiliation, the application is submitted under the default account name in error. Users can see the applications, but only under the default account.

What we’re doing

We’ve identified the root cause and will have it fixed by Tuesday, Oct. 17.

What you need to do

We’ll continue to process enrollments that were submitted after Oct. 2. In the meantime, please do not submit any new individual or provider group enrollments until Tuesday, October 17.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Questions? Contact Provider Services at 800.942.3765.