Prism is live; thanks for your patience

We're excited to share that prism is ready for you

With improved navigation and visibility into patient data, we’ve streamlined the provider experience by making it easier and faster to work with us. With prism, our improved technology allows for continuous enhancements and new facets into patient care.

With any great change, some initial bumps in the road are to be expected. We appreciate your patience as we worked through initial issues that impacted some users. We’re excited to share that all users are able to register and use the tool, so if you haven’t already, register or re-register for an account.

Find video tutorials, FAQs and a Quick Reference Guide

Some quick reminders:

  • You'll need to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser when creating nd accessing your prism account.
  • Prism is replacing the Provider Center. You'll no longer use your Provider Center credentials once you create a prism account.
  • When registering, use the same email address associated with your previous account to gain the same access in prism.
  • You'll continue to follow our authorization processes and use the current authorization tools as you do today. You'll just need a prism account to access authorization information.
  • If you currently have a Provider Center account, all your provider data will be mapped to your new prism account - just make sure to use the same email address we have in our system today.
  • Once you register for an account, our system will generate your username. Your username will be your email address followed by ".prism". Don't worry, we'll remind you at the login page.

If you experience any issues with your account, contact our Provider Helpline at 800.942.4765.