Update: Our commitment to improve turnaround times

Our service levels are not meeting your expectations or ours. We've identified and are addressing multiple issues. We're committed to improving credentialing application turnaround times, with our backlog resolved by the end of summer. And, as promised, we'll provide you with regular updates.

Service area Improvements underway
Provider credentialing and data management turnaround times are delayed Investing in new technology and additional staff
New prior authorization tools do not meet service and operational standards Restructuring our utilization management programs and investigating new tools
Long wait times when you call the Provider Helpline Making changes in our call center and online Provider Center to deliver more information when and where you need it

Credentialing processing times

We started using a new technology in the summer of 2017 to make our credentialing and provider changes faster and easier for you. This new technology has not worked as expected and made our backlog worse. 

We operate on a first in/first out processing order. The oldest requests are processed first once all necessary information is received. When we need additional information on your submission, your request is put on hold until we receive it.

Actions taken

We recognize the hardship these technology issues present for you, and the impact these delays have on accurate claims and incentive program payments.

  • We are working to fix the technology issues that slowed down our process.
  • We've hired 10 new full-time employees to address our inventory of applications and improve turnaround times.

Please don't contact us for status updates

We've added a "ticker" on our credentialing page and on this page to show you the submission dates we're processing for new provider applications and for provider changes. This should help you determine if your submission will be processed soon.

To help us return to service levels, we will not respond to status requests. Sending multiple emails requesting a status delays our response time.

After you submit your initial request, you'll get an email in 5-7 business days confirming receipt of your request. The email will include your inquiry number. As requests are processed, we'll contact you if additional information is needed. Once your request is completed, we'll send you a confirmation email.

We appreciate your patience

Check provider news regularly for updates on our improvement efforts. Thank you for your partnership.