April 2 Change Healthcare outage update

Submitting claims

We're seeing closer to normal claims volumes as providers have switched to new clearinghouses or submitted paper claims. We don’t recommend holding claims. You can switch to a new clearinghouse or submit on paper.

We’ve recently added Optum iEDI and Availity clearinghouses, and we also work with multiple other clearinghouses, like Waystar, if you choose to switch.

Remittance advices (RAs)

RAs are being sent through Optum again but not yet through Change Healthcare. You can also get RAs through Filemart if you already have Filemart set up and use this to get RAs.


There’s no impact to authorizations. Continue submitting authorizations as usual.

Paper checks

Paper checks for claims payment as well as capitation and admin payments have begun mailing. Please keep your check stubs so you’re able to match the check reference ID number to RAs when they arrive. We’re working quickly to get RAs for paper check claims payments mailed to you separately.

As always, you can sign up for electronic funds transfer to start the process for electronic payments.

Change Healthcare outage communications archive

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