Change Healthcare update: Paper claims checks mail week of March 25, new clearinghouse set up, ERAs on

March 22, 2024

Paper claims to start mailing next week

Paper checks for claims payments, which were delayed due to the Change Healthcare outage, will start processing the week of March 25. We expect it to take multiple weeks to process all pending payments.

These checks will look different than other checks, and the check number will not match the information on the RA when we're able to send those.

Keep your check stubs. Remittance advices (RAs) are not yet available. We’ll mail these separately as soon as possible. Your check stub, which will have a check reference ID number, will help you match your checks to the RAs.

As always, you can sign up for electronic funds transfer to start the process for electronic payments. Electronic payments were not impacted by the Change Healthcare outage.

New clearinghouse—Optum iEDI—now available to send claims

We have a new clearinghouse available. Optum iEDI is now directly connected to Priority Health and sending us claims.

We work with multiple clearinghouses if you choose to switch to get claims sent to us.

Electronic RAs restarting through Optum; still not sending through Change Healthcare

If you received electronic remittance advices (RAs) through Optum, you’ll start receiving these again. Note that Optum and Change Healthcare are separate clearinghouses. Only the Optum channel is restarting now.

You can get RAs through Filemart if you already have a Filemart set up and use this to get RAs. You can also switch to a new clearinghouse. If you choose to switch to a new clearinghouse, please visit our provider page for more information on updating or submitting the request for electronic remittance advice (ERA) setup.

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