2017 behavioral health member satisfaction survey

Each year Priority Health surveys a statistically valid sample of members who received mental health treatment during the calendar year in order to assess member satisfaction with access to care. Access questions and benchmarks are based on NCQA Access Standards. Our goal is to achieve 85% in each access measure.

The grid below depicts the combined results of various mental health disciplines (Psychiatrist MD, Psychologist PHD., Psychiatric PA or CNP; Masters level clinicians). A breakdown of the access results by discipline is available upon request.

Notable improvements

In 2017, Priority Health members experienced a noteworthy increase in access to emergent mental health counseling compared to prior years (85% of those surveyed said they were seen within 6 hours of their request). In addition, slight improvements occurred in satisfaction with access to urgent, first routine and medication management appointments. The measure that declined slightly was the follow up mental health appointment, but still at an impressive 94% indicating they were able to get a routine mental health appointment when desired.  

Thank you for your hard work to accommodate patients in both emergent and routine care mental health care. Increasingly, tele-psychiatry is being offered to fill the access gap. But, we would like to hear from you on what else your practice is doing to improve access to mental health care, thus contributing to positive trends in member satisfaction.

Table of survey results

Behavioral health access measures Goal 2015
19% return rate
19% return rate
14% return rate
Change from 2016 to 2017
Non- life threatening emergency counseling within 6 hours (% usually, always) 85% 61% 56% 85%-met goal
Urgent counseling within 48 hours (% usually, always) 85% 53% 69% 71%
First routine counseling appointment within 10 business days (% yes) 85% 72% 73% 74%
Follow up routine counseling appointment within 30 business days (% yes) 85% New in 2016 95% 94%-met goal
Medication management appointment within 10 business days 85% 63% 61% 64%