New PriorityMom maternity program launched for expecting Moms

PriorityMom™ is a data-driven maternity engagement program that focuses on improving the member experience, driving better outcomes and lowering the total cost of care. Goals of the new program are to reduce the total cost of maternity care, reduce the number of preterm births, reduce costs of preterm births, including NICU stays and reduce post-partum readmissions. The program is currently a pilot for our group commercial members, and we’re targeting the beginning of 2022 to make PriorityMom available for Individual and Medicaid members.

How it works:

  1. New moms will receive a targeted email to join the program. They must opt in via an email survey.
  2. Moms who opt-in will receive a welcome gift of a blood pressure cuff and baby sleep sack and program overview
  3. PriorityMom partners with Ovia, a free app for pregnancy tracking and Byram, to order a covered breast pump. Moms will be directed to a webpage that directs them to these resources.
  4. Throughout pregnancy, moms will receive emails through Next Best Actions (NBAs) focused on basic pregnancy health, as well as information on hypertension, mental health and diabetes.
  5. Post delivery, moms will receive a survey about the program and receive a $50 gift card for completion.

Why is this important to us?

Obstetrics continues to be one of the top drivers of spend for our employer groups. The trend of maternity-related costs is on the rise. This remains a high priority or our employer groups, who frequently as for our assistance in addressing and managing this.

What providers need to know

Providers can direct new Moms to sign up for the program on our website.