New Healthy Michigan Plan requirements coming Jan. 1, 2020

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is making changes to the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP). Changes include new work requirements for beneficiaries ages 19-62.

As a health care provider, what will these changes mean for me?

As a trusted resource and primary point of contact for our Healthy Michigan Plan members, it’s important for our providers to understand the changes going into effect in January and how the changes will impact your patients. You can help your Healthy Michigan Plan patients by:

  • Encouraging them to log in to their MI Bridges account to learn more about the upcoming changes and report exemptions, if applicable
  • Assisting in completion of an annual health risk assessment and selecting a yearly healthy behavior

You do not need to change your process for seeing Healthy Michigan Plan patients because of the new requirements. However, more members may be moving in and out of eligibility due to the new requirements. You can continue to confirm your patients’ Healthy Michigan Plan eligibility using our Member Inquiry tool.

New work requirements for beneficiaries ages 19-62

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, HMP beneficiaries ages 19-62 must complete and report 80 hours of work activity per calendar month. Qualifying activities include:

  • Having a job
  • Being a student
  • Having an internship
  • Participating in job or vocational training
  • Looking for a job
  • Participating in a tribal employment program
  • Participating in rehab (substance use)
  • Volunteering (this activity can only be used for three months each calendar year)

Some individuals may be exempt from the new work requirements if they meet certain criteria. For a full list of exemption criteria, reference the Healthy Michigan Plan website.

How are beneficiaries being informed of the new work requirements? 

  • February 2019: MDHHS mailed letters to beneficiaries informing them of the new work requirements starting in 2020.
  • September and October 2019: MDHHS is mailing letters to beneficiaries reminding them of the new work requirements and notifying them of their exemption status.
  • October 2019: Priority Health will be outreaching to impacted HMP members via email and letter, informing them of the changes. 
  • December 2019: MDHHS will mail letters to non-exempt beneficiaries with information about how to report on work or work activities. 

Healthy Michigan Plan resources

You can also learn about the upcoming HMP changes by viewing the recording of our September 11 Virtual Office Advisory.


Contact MDHHS with your Healthy Michigan Plan questions at