PriorityMOMTM expanded to all your expecting patients

Last year, we piloted PriorityMOMTM, a maternity program, to improve member experience, drive better health outcomes and lower cost of obstetric care. We're now expanding hte program to all expecting moms enrolled in our commercial, Medicaid and individual plans.

Since we've launched



of moms have engaged in our promotional emails


Moms have enrolled


of moms who completed the exit survey would recommend the program

What (expecting) moms can expect:

  • Expecting moms will receive a targeted email to join the program and must opt into the program to participate.
  • Moms who opt-in will receive a welcome gift including a blood pressure cuff, baby sleep sack and program overview. 
  • PriorityMOMTM partners with Ovia, a free app for pregnancy tracking and Byram, which provides a covered breast pump. Moms will be directed to a webpage that directs them to these resources. 
  • Throughout pregnancy, moms will receive targeted emails focused on educating and managing their pregnancy health, including information on hypertension, mental health, diabetes and more. 
  • Post-delivery, moms will receive a survey about the program and receive a $50 gift card for completion. 

Help us spread the love

We want to promote health pregnancies and support our members, your patients, with the resources they need during this exciting time in their life. You can help by encouraging your expecting moms to opt into PriorityMOMTM or sign up directly.