Reminder: Cigna members traveling through Michigan are covered in our PPO network


Cigna members who are under different health plans are covered by Priority Heath through our Strategic Alliance with Cigna. This means that Cigna members traveling in Michigan who have health plans covered under a Cigna Strategic Alliance can see our in-network PPO providers.

Several providers have been balance-billing these members who have an alliance with Cigna but should only be billing patient liability as shown on the Cigna or Strategic Alliance remittance advice.

What providers need to do

You may receive remittance advices from other Cigna Strategic Alliances (see below). The remittance will indicate the Priority Health rate was applied using the Priority Health network. Providers need to honor the contractual obligations on the remittance and not balance-bill members for services under these alliances.

Cigna Strategic Alliances

  • TUFTS Health Plan/CareLink (Massachusetts/Rhode Island area)
  • HealthPartners (Minnesota, North Dakota, Western Wisconsin)
  • MVP (Upstate and western New York area, Bradford county, PA)
  • Priority Health (Michigan's Lower Peninsula) - effective January 1, 2021

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