PriorityWell Choice Benefits launching Dec. 1, 2022 for commercial large groups; HealthbyChoice retiring by 2024

Oct. 4, 2022

What’s new

PriorityWell Choice Benefits (PWCB) will be available for fully and self-funded large groups beginning Dec. 1, 2022, with small group availability beginning in 2024. The new product was developed to encourage year-round engagement for members, with an elevated member experience from HealthbyChoice. Groups who are currently enrolled in HbC will start transitioning to PWCB based on their renewal date. HbC will sunset from the product portfolio over the next two years.

What’s changing for providers

There’ll be a new biometric screening form for this product that providers will be asked to fill out for their patients who are enrolled in PWCB. Providers can expect to see this form beginning Dec. 1, 2022 and beyond. Unlike the current HealthbyChice form, providers won’t be required to submit this new PWCB form to Priority Health. The member will be responsible for submitting the form through their Virgin Pulse account.

This new wellness plan doesn’t reimburse providers for form submissions since members are responsible to submit the form. However, while members are still transitioning from HbC to PWCB, providers will continue to be reimbursed $30 for any HbC forms that are submitted to Priority Health through the HealthbyChoice portal until the product has completely retired in 2024.

What else providers need to know

  • The HealthbyChoice form can’t be used as a substitute for the new PriorityWell Choice Benefits form
  • An example of the new form can be provided to provider offices upon request. Please don’t duplicate/circulate to members, as the information on the form is distinct to their employer and as an individual