Healthy Living and Solara network termination

Two of our diabetic supply providers are being removed from our network: Healthy Living Medical Supply and Solara Medical Supplies. To ensure our members—your patients—continue to receive the diabetic supplies and equipment they need, please begin referring patients to other diabetic supply providers in the Priority Health network and transfer all current prescriptions to in-network suppliers.

When is this change taking effect?

Healthy Living and Solara will no longer be in our network effective August 15, 2024. (See below for one exception regarding Medicaid members who use Omnipod® products.) However, authorizations for supplies with these companies will no longer be approved after April 30, 2024.

Which members will be impacted?

This change impacts commercial and individual, Medicare and Medicaid members who use these two companies.

Why are we making this change?

We’re removing these two suppliers from our network because they are not able to meet the standards we’ve set for serving our members.

What do you need to do?

Please begin transitioning your patients’ diabetic supply prescriptions to one of the in-network providers listed below. After April 30, you’ll only be able to refer our members to these companies. If the member already has a prescription with Healthy Living or Solara, along with a valid authorization, the prescription will be honored until August 15.

What about Medicaid members who use Omnipod products?

Omnipod and integrated continuous glucose monitor (CGM) supplies will continue to be available to Priority Health Medicaid members from Healthy Living and Solara at in-network coverage levels, even after Healthy Living and Solara are otherwise terminated from our network on August 15, 2024.

What about Medicare members currently renting insulin pumps?

Priority Health Medicare members currently renting an insulin pump from Healthy Living or Solara will be allowed to complete their rental period without disruption and at in-network benefit levels.

What about CGMs?

For fully funded commercial (group and individual) members, CGMs (excluding Medtronic®) and related supplies will only be covered through pharmacy benefits (instead of through DME vendors and medical benefits) upon their 2024 plan renewal date. The network change communicated here doesn’t impact that previously communicated CGM benefit change. So if the member’s plan renewal date is before August 15, 2024, that will be the last date to use Healthy Living or Solara to obtain these supplies.

For Medtronic users and ASO group members who can only obtain their CGMs through the medical benefit, Healthy Living and Solara will no longer be in-network options after August 15.

See our provider manual for more information about CGM policies.