A new diabetes tool to support your patients coming April 1

We've partnered with Livongo to offer a digital diabetes management program to your commercial fully funded patients with type 2 diabetes. This program will strengthen the care you provide and offer the extra support your patients need to manage their health.

What your patients can expect

Your patients should be on the lookout for an email outreach from Livongo to participate in the program. Any patient 18+ with type 2 diabetes who isn't pregnant and is in a fully funded commercial plan, is eligible to participate. 

 Upon enrollment, a welcome kit will be provided which includes: 

  • 1 Livongo connected meter
  • 1 lancing device
  • 100 lancets
  • 150 blood glucose test strips
  • 2 blood glucose control solution droppers
  • AC adapter & USB
  • Livongo user getting started guide
  • Instructions for use
  • Carrying case

 The program will provide:

  • Effortless data collection through a Livongo connected blood glucose meter that offers real-time feedback. Plus, members get unlimited test strips and tools to track food and activities. 
  • Personalized health nudges such as activity suggestions that drive small change for big wins and personalized tips when members are most receptive. 
  • Human-centered approach including 24/7 remote monitoring with emergency outreach and 1:1 live coaching. 

Reasons to encourage your patients to participate

  • Livongo will be an enhancement to the care you already provide and help make living with diabetes easier for our members, your patients. 
  • Your patients get free diabetic supplies and unlimited test strips, which is beneficial to those patients who may otherwise have a difficult time affording their supplies. 
  • The data Livongo collects can be shared with you (members need to opt to share with their provider), creating the ultimate care experience. 
  • The program is a no-cost standard benefit for fully funded groups (commercial).