New PriorityBABY program launching: all Priority Health babies welcome

Launching on March 7, PriorityBABY™ is a program designed to support children and their caregivers during a child’s first two years. It is a continuation of the successful PriorityMOM™ program and includes health care information, gifts and incentives.

What are the program’s goals?

  • Promote essential preventive care for children up to age two
  • Inform caregivers about Priority Health coverage and benefits
  • Reduce the number of avoidable emergency visits
  • Increase vaccination rates
  • Increase lead screening rates
  • Extend the PriorityMOM journey by supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of parents and caregivers
  • Increase access to essential resources

What does the PriorityBABY journey look like?

  1. Invitation. A dependent baby (up to six months old) being added to a Priority Health plan is the trigger for an invitation to the program. The caregiver must opt in.
  2. Welcome Gift. This includes a forehead thermometer, a baby bath thermometer, a milk/formula cooler storage bag, wet/dry bags and a program overview,
  3. Next Best Action emails. The caregiver will receive monthly emails that focus on appropriate health care for the baby, appointment reminders and resources, important cost and coverage information, safety education and infant support.
  4. Survey and gift. At the baby’s first birthday, the caregiver will fill out a survey and receive another gift if they attended three or more well-child checkups in the first year.
  5. Year two. PriorityBABY continues providing caregiver and baby support in the baby’s second year of life. The program ends with a final survey and gift.

Who’s eligible?

All Priority Health members on commercial (group and individual) and Medicaid with a child under six months old can opt in.

How can providers help? 

  1. Inform pregnant members about our PriorityMOM program.
  2. Encourage members to enroll in the PriorityBABY program after delivery.
  3. Refer members to our customer service team for questions about coverage/benefits.