New dose rounding policy for weight-based medications

Our P&T committee approved dose rounding for weight-based medications effective May 2022. Providers should submit medications rounded to the smallest available vial size, when clinically appropriate, for medications requiring prior authorization. 

Why are we making this change?

Dose rounding aims to adjust medication doses to the nearest vial size to minimize waste and maximize cost effectiveness, while maintaining optimal therapeutic response. Does rounding will also decrease the risk of calculation errors, pharmacy workload, risk of contamination, as well as reduce prescription costs for certain medications. 

How it works

Upon receiving a medication order, medications assessed as eligible for dose or vial rounding will be processed for the requested durations with the adjusted dose. Medications available in single-dose vials may be rounded to the nearest vial size within 10% of the requested dose. 

Impact to members and providers

This process should have minimal impact on both providers and members and aims to minimize waste while maintaining the overall care we provide our members. 

Learn more

For further information and specific criteria, refer to the Medical Benefit Drug List