Recall of multiple drugs manufactured by Akorn Pharmaceuticals

On Jun. 1, 2023, Akorn Pharmaceuticals initiated a voluntary recall of various products as a result of bankruptcy and discontinuation of quality assurance activities of these marketed products.

The discontinuation of the quality assurance program means the company is not able to support or guarantee that the products meet all intended specifications.

A full list of impacted drugs can be found on the FDA Enforcement Report at

We’re notifying members

4,935 Priority Health members are impacted by this recall. We’re sending letters this week to those members, asking that they contact their provider for different treatment options, and to dispose of any current or unused products.

What do providers need to do?

If your patients contact you, work with them on alternative options. As all drugs recalled are generics, other generic options from different manufacturers may be available. Pharmacies are also contacting any patients who have received a recalled product and may be able to replace with another generic from a different manufacturer.


More information on this recall can be found at