Specialty drug savings program launching July 1

Effective July 1, 2022, we're offering a specialty drug savings program to help our fully funded commercial group members afford their eligible specialty medications. Our partnership with SaveOnSP reduces the cost of a member's specialty medication to $0 out of pocket for their entire plan year, no monthly re-enrollment necessary. 

How it works

  • SaveOnSP contacts the member to enroll them in a manufacturer copay assistance program.
  • The member must talk to SaveOnSP directly to participate in this program and receive their medication for $0.
  • Once enrolled, the member is required to fill their prescription at one of our approved specialty pharmacies, with the primary options being Accredo and Meijer. 
  • The member will receive their medication for $0 out of pocket for the entire plan year. Monthly re-enrollment is not required.

How we're communicating to our members

Fully funded members currently taking an eligible specialty medication will be contacted directly by SaveOnSP through member letter and direct phone call. Your patients may consider this too good to be true, but assure them this is our program and all they need to do is talk to SaveOnSP to save. 

Benefits of SaveOnSP

  • This program helps control the rising cost of specialty medications by ensuring members maximize all available manufacturer assistance.
  • Members have access to their medications for $0 out of pocket for their entire plan year, increasing medication adherence and saving them money. 

Download the SaveOnSP drug list for eligible drugs.