We're working hard to reduce pharmacy call center wait times

Our pharmacy service levels are not meeting your expectations or ours. We’re working hard to reduce wait times in our pharmacy call center and respond to your pharmacy authorization requests faster.

Get the fastest response to your pharmacy questions

We have a dedicated phone line just for providers with pharmacy questions or requests. Call 800.466.6642 for the shortest wait for your pharmacy needs.

Pharmacy authorization response times

We're currently meeting all service levels for pharmacy authorizations, except for medical injectables. We anticipate improved response times for medical injectable requests starting in April.

For commercial and Medicaid members, we process pharmacy prior authorization requests in 14 days for standard requests or 72 hours for urgent requests. For Medicare members, it’s 72 hours for standard requests and 24 hours for urgent.

Actions we're taking to improve your experience

Being your partner means helping you work with us quickly and easily. We recognize the challenges our delays cause you and your patients. Here's what we're working on to improve your experience:

  • We've hired new staff to help us respond faster, and we appreciate your patience while they're training
  • Our teams are working overtime to meet our increased call and authorization volumes
  • We've identified some high-volume authorization requests and removed claims edits that cause rejections to reduce barriers to getting authorizations
  • We continue to work toward an electronic solution for pharmacy prior authorizations to make the process faster and easier for you 

We appreciate your patience

Check provider news regularly for updates on our improvement efforts. As always, thank you for your partnership.