New incentive launches for Care of Older Adults (COA) Assessment

We’re offering a new incentive for completing the Care for Older Adults (COA) Assessment—a HEDIS and 5-star quality rating measure—with your Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (DSNP) patients. As their primary care provider, you can help address your DSNP patients’ underlying conditions while earning up to $50 for each assessment completed between Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2021.

How it works

The COA Assessment is made up of three components, and you can receive payment for all assessments, whether completed in part or in full:

Component Payment
COA - Medication Review $10 per measured member (pmm)
COA - Functional Status Assessment $20 pmm
COA - Pain Assessment $20 pmm
Complete form (all components) $50 pmm

Each month through December 2021, your Provider Performance Specialist will send you a COA Assessment targeting list. Simply complete assessments during outpatient appointments, whether face-to-face, telehealth, telephone visits or virtual check-ins.

You can expect to receive incentive payments in June 2022. If you’re participating in our PCP Incentive Program (PIP), your payments for PIP and COA Assessment incentives will be made separately.

How to submit COA Assessments

Find information on how to submit assessments – whether by CPT codes, fax or email – here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to your Provider Performance Specialist.