ACNs can still attest to the Disease Burden Management incentive program

ACNs can still attest to our 2024 Disease Burden Management (DBM) incentive program. Please note, PRA attestation for the month of March closes on Feb. 15. All ACNs eligible to participate received preliminary member attribution lists on Feb. 1, 2024.

How do I participate in the DBM incentive program?

ACNs must attest in PRA now to get started, then monthly thereafter to be eligible for the PCP Visit and Chronic Condition Recapture incentives. To help minimize confusion, attestation for our DBM program follows the same monthly PRA cycle as our PCP Incentive Program (PIP) and our Alternative Payment Model (APM) program.

What’s the DBM incentive program?

The 2024 DBM program replaced our Advanced Health Assessment (AHA) and Persistency programs, which retired on Dec. 31, 2023. The DBM program was designed to help close care gaps with a focus on PCP visits and chronic condition recapture.

How can the DBM program help me in my practice?

The goal of the DBM program is to help you target members, schedule visits and document chronic conditions for your patients, our members, who need care the most. By seeing targeted members and fully capturing and addressing chronic conditions, you have the opportunity to earn incentives in our DBM program.

Visit our DBM webpage for more information

Our DBM webpage (behind login) houses the 2024 DBM program manual and provides an overview of the program requirements and incentives, along with the following resources to help you be successful:

Questions about the DBM incentive program? Contact your Provider Strategy and Solutions consultant.