2018 commercial plan provider fee schedule changes are online

Fee schedule changes effective January 2018 are now available online for all commercial plans.

Update Dec. 4, 2017:

Currently the 2018 commercial professional fee schedules include the 2017 codes that have fee changes for 2018 and unchanging codes/fees. Codes that are deleted for 2018 have now been removed.

When we have the new codes for 2018 with new fees, we will be replacing the commercial professional fee schedules again.
See the commercial plans fee schedules.

How we review fee schedules

Priority Health conducts a review of fee schedules annually. We continually evaluate national and regional data to develop fee schedules that balance the needs of providers with those of employers and members who bear the burden of these costs. This aligns with the Priority Health mission to be the nation's leader in innovative health solutions, making health care obtainable for all. We're committed to providing affordable and excellent health care to individuals and employers through an ever-expanding array of products and services.

Our adjustments to fee schedules typically result in raising some fees while lowering others. We strive for balance between primary care and specialty care as well as among specialists themselves. Our goal is to reimburse all providers at a fair market value.