Extensions for $0 cost share for telehealth, COVID-19 treatment and a commitment to $0 vaccine coverage

To continue to support you and our members as COVID-19 cases rise in our communities, we’re extending many temporary changes into 2021. Get the complete list of temporary changes and their expiration dates.

Treatment for COVID-19

We'll continue to waive all copays, deductibles and coinsurance for medically necessary treatment of COVID-19 through March 31, 2021. 

This means all fully funded commercial*, individual, Medicaid and Medicare members can get the treatment they need for COVID-19 with no out-of-pocket health insurance costs.

Covered treatment may be inpatient or outpatient from an in-network provider. Patients must have a confirmed primary COVID-19 diagnosis and be receiving evidence-based care for treatment to be fully covered.

COVID-19 vaccine coverage

When a COVID-19 vaccine is available to the public, our members will have no out-of-pocket costs. As we get more details about coding, billing and reimbursement, we’ll share them to our provider news.

Telehealth at $0 extended, reimbursement continues at in-person rates

We'll continue to offer $0 cost share for telehealth services, including medical, behavioral health and substance use, for nearly all fully funded* HSA and non-HSA plans ahead of deductible as well as most Medicare plans throughout 2021.

We're also continuing to reimburse for telehealth services at in-person rates.

*Employer plans that are self-insured determine benefit coverage for their employees and dependents at their discretion.