Update: Billing same-day services

Services provided on the same date of service by the same provider should be reported on a single claim. We’ve ended a change that went live on May 1 that denied any claims after the first claim was received; however, we still recommend  billing for services from the same provider on the same day on a single claim.

Why should you bill on one claim?

Your patients may receive multiple copays when only one should apply, and they receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from us for each claim received. The added costs and paperwork lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. Billing multiple claims may also cause overpayment and result in payment reversals and more work for your practice.

Process for denied claims

We are not reprocessing claims that were impacted by the May 1 change. You can adjust your original claim to add services rendered on the same date of service (recommended), or you can rebill denied claims.