Reminder on corrected claims and records submission

Not all denied claims require that you submit a corrected claim Not all corrected claims require medical records. 

If no payment on the entire claim – make the changes and submit a new original claim. 

If some or all lines paid – make the changes and submit a corrected or voided claim. Be sure to submit the entire claim, not just the claim lines you are correcting.

Use U.S. Mail

When adding modifier 25 or 59 to a denied line, submit a corrected claim by U.S. Mail and include medical records. Our mailing address for claims is:

Priority Health Claims
P.O. Box 232
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Use your Priority Health Secure Mailbox

A reminder - we no longer accept medical records submission through Priority Health Secure Mailbox except for denied claims for which we specifically request medical records.

If you receive a claim denial requesting submission of medical records:

  1. Go to your Priority Health Secure Mailbox.
  2. Select "compose a message."
  3. For the "To" address, choose "medical record submission" from the drop-down list. Reference the original claim number or inquiry number (if you have one).
  4. Attach the medical records to your message.