Incorrect deductible processed on PriorityHSA plans

We recently identified that we built the deductible for groups with a PriorityHSA® plan incorrectly for 2018. The products were built with an embedded deductible (vs. non-embedded), which means accumulators were tracking toward the individual member level vs. the family level. This has resulted in some members believing they had met their deductible, when they had not. Benefit accumulators in MyHealth were also portraying inaccurate amounts.

Claims begin reprocessing the week of April 16

While we researched this issue further, we put all impacted employer groups on hold and pended claims to prevent future claims from processing incorrectly. Our claims processing software has now been updated and claims will begin reprocessing in the next week only for members who have not yet hit their individual deductible (roughly 150 total members).

Impacted members will receive letters the week of April 23 alerting them to this issue.

Providers may need to collect from members

Providers may see recouped claims in some instances, and if so, will likely need to collect additional funds from members. Benefit accumulators in the Member Inquiry tool and MyHealth will be corrected by May 4.