Hearing aid providers: Invoice submission for Medicaid members is no longer necessary

Effective immediately, hearing aid providers no longer need to send us an invoice for a Medicaid member’s hearing support device. We’ve updated our systems to accept the device’s model information on your claims. Follow the instructions below to get started with this simpler way to bill.

What you need to do

Review the MDHHS Hearing Aid Contract Models document for device naming and model number conventions. Bookmark this link for future use as it’s updated annually.

  • Electronic (preferred): On the 837 claim form, enter the italicized information for the billed device into Box 19, Export Loop = 2300 (NTE; PWK)
  • Paper: On the standard CMS-1500 claim form (02-12 version or later), enter the italicized information below for the billed device into Box 19

    Model number (exact match) Manufacturer name Model name (as many characters as allowed in the field)

    For example
    : 211921xx Beltone AMAZE 6 66

Get more information

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