COVID-19 information for providers

Updated: March 20, 2020

We're actively working to monitor the new Coronavirus disease—COVID-19—and its impacts to make sure we provide our members the care they need when they need it while supporting our providers.

Rest assured that we have business continuity plans in place. We'll continue to serve you and your patients online and over the phone.

See our new COVID-19 page for providers for the latest updates. Check back often as this is a rapidly evolving situation. We're making frequent updates as new information becomes available.

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Coverage for our members

New on March 20: We'll cover the cost of medically necessary COVID-19 tests waiving copays and deductibles for all members, including those with health savings account (HSA) and self-funded plans. Other services related to diagnostic testing and the administration of the test such as office visits, blood draws, or specimen handling are also covered 100%, with no member cost sharing applied. The effective date of coverage will be retroactive to February 4, 2020.  

Virtual visits billing and coverage 

New on March 20: We're covering the cost of virtual care for all members and starting March 19, 2020 will temporarily waive costs before deductible for health savings account (HSA) plan members before deductible, through April 30, 2020. Self-funded employers are included, unless they contact Priority Health to make other arrangements. This does not include behavioral health visits or out-of-state visits.

At Priority Health, we have long supported telemedicine, including phone visits and virtual care through HIPAA compliant tools.

  • Contracted primary care and specialty physicians can provide covered telehealth services immediately via appropriate use of 99441, 99442 and 99443 codes with Place of Service 02 codes.
  • Providers properly credentialed with us can provide telehealth services to members regardless of the member's physical location within Michigan. Currently, the State of Michigan has not yet signed the 1135 Waiver to allow non-Michigan licensed providers to provide services to Michigan members. 

See our telemedicine policy for more information and learn more about billable codes on our virtual visits billing page.

Billing for COVID-19 lab tests

See the latest information on billable codes on our COVID-19 provider page.

More information

Looking for older information and more details about the topics above? See our new COVID-19 provider page for more, including FAQs.