New functionality coming to GuidingCare

Starting Nov. 15, you can re-upload failed document attachments in GuidingCare. 

What’s changing?

Previously, you received an alert message in GuidingCare informing you a document failed to upload. To address the missing documents, you had to contact a Priority Health team member.

Starting Nov. 15, you can add documents through your Authorization List in GuidingCare.

Sample alert message

GuidingCare documents alert

How to upload missing documents

To attach missing documents to an authorization that is already submitted:

  • Go to the Authorization List
  • Expand the applicable authorization
  • Click the Upload Attachments button
  • Follow the steps for attaching documents

GuidingCare documents alert

Call our Provider Helpline at 800.942.4765 if you have any questions regarding this new functionality.